Directeur :

Professeur Patrice GEOFFRON

Tel: 06 60 99 67 33

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Assistante administrative :

Mme Vanina YOUMBI

Bureau P141

Tel : 01 72 60 52 30

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21&22 June 2021


The Chaire European Electricity Markets (CEEM) is an economic research chair at the University of Paris Dauphine – PSL supported by its partners RTE, EDF, EPEX Spot and Total Direct Energie. Its research focusses on the decarbonation of electricity generation and the sustainability of long-term investment in the energy transition. It organises regular conferences and seminars to discuss and disseminate its research and is engaged in a systematic effort to assist PhD students and young researchers in developing their careers. In all three areas, research, dissemination and training, the CEEM is actively developing collaborations with other research centres.

The latest transversal research theme of the CEEM and its associated researchers is devoted to “Financing Long-Term Investment in Hybrid Electricity Markets”. Major transformations are underway in the electricity sector. The priority of decarbonisation implies investing in an ever more capital-intensive system. Various mechanisms (private or public, freely negotiated or regulated, based partially or entirely on marginal cost or full cost, etc.) have been implemented in order to provide appropriate incentives for low carbon investments as well as better visibility and lower risk for investors. Current energy only markets (EOM) based on prices mainly set by short term marginal cost provide neither, even when complemented by additional markets for capacity, flexibility or system services. A new regulatory framework adopting a broad perspective that is not limited to EOM and revenue stacking from add-on mechanisms is required to allow for efficient solutions that favour competition and least-cost trajectories towards a sustainable energy transition. Future research will show whether different long-term arrangements and alternative market designs can be conceptualised as part of a single coherent paradigm that would allow empirical verification, publication in scientific journals and the formulation of relevant policy proposals. 

This research project is now coming to an end, and for this occasion, the CEEM organize an international online conference on June 21 and 22, 2021 around the theme "FINANCING LONG-TERM INVESTMENT IN HYBRID ELECTRICITY MARKETS". During this conference, the work carried out throughout the year and the results obtained will be presented. 

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