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February 1st - May 31st 2021


The Chaire European Electricity Markets (CEEM) at the University of Paris Dauphine – PSL supported by its partners RTE, EDF, EPEX Spot and Total Direct Energie is exploring a new way of working. It is concentrating all its efforts on a single scientific research effort in collaboration with a group of researchers from otehr academic and non-academic institutions.  

The ltransversal research theme of the CEEM and its associated researchers in 2020/21 is devoted to “Financing Long-Term Investment in Hybrid Electricity Markets”. Within the framework of this research project, the CEEM has launched a Call for Papers which will run from 1 February 2021 to 31 May 2021. During this period, researchers at recognised European research centres are invited to submit scientific papers relevant to the topic and aiming at publication in peer-reviewed journals. To enter the selection process, prospective authors should send an abstract of ca. 500 words indicating the research question, the methodology, data (if applicable), literature and results to the CEEM Scientific Director and the CEEM Scientific Advisor by 16 April 2021. Each paper should also indicate to which of the six research areas it belongs.  

A. The Empirical Evidence of Full Cost Recovery in Liberalised Electricity Markets (Graham Weale, 

B. Why Do Electricity Markets Work Differently under Decarbonisation? (Jan Horst Keppler, 

C. International Benchmarks for Hybrid Market Designs (Fabien Roques, 

D. The Link between Short Term Dispatch and Long-Term Financing (Jan Horst Keppler, 

E. Retail Tariffs and Investment (Carine Staropoli, 

F. Modelling Long-Term Policy Objectives and Market Designs (Patrick Criqui, 

The CEEM Scientific Director, the CEEM Scientific Advisor in cooperation with the Coordinator of the relevant Working Group will decide whether to propose a paper to the CEEM Validation Committee ( and will invite the author(s) of the abstract to submit a full-length paper by 31 May 2021. 


24 & 25 May 2021

The 8th International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues (ISEFI-2020)

The 8th International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues (ISEFI-2020), jointly organized by the IPAG Center for Energy Economics and Environment (IPAG Business School) and the Center of Geopolitics of Energy and Raw Materials (Paris Dauphine University), will take place on 24-25 May 2021 in Paris, France. It aims to provide academics, policymakers, and practitioners with a valuable forum for discussion and critical analysis of the major issues and challenges that interrelate energy, environment, macroeconomics and financial markets..


The conference organizers would like to invite the submission of both theoretical and empirical papers (in PDF files) relating to all aspects of environment, and energy markets as well as their interactions with financial markets such as climate negotiations and scenarios for a +2° world; corporate finance analysis for energy companies; econometrics of energy markets; energy and climate models; energy and environment; energy derivatives: pricing and hedging; energy and financial market interactions; energy issues in developing and emerging markets; energy prices: modeling and forecasting; energy risks: assessment and modeling; energy transition; financial and economic analysis of energy markets; financial regulation of energy and environmental markets; finance and investment in renewable energy; intergenerational choices under global environmental change; hydroelectricity and water management; natural resources, risk, welfare and social preferences; renewable and low carbon technologies policy; speculation and energy prices; and state regulation and energy governance. 


  • Lutz KilianSenior Economic Policy Adviser, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, United States.
  • Till RequateChair of Innovation, Competition Policy and New Institutional Economics, Christian-Alrechts-University of Kiel, Germany.


  • Roger GuesnerieChaired Professor of Economic Theory and Social Organization of the Collège de France & Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Paris School of Economics


Interested authors can submit their research papers (in PDF files),  via the Symposium website

Should you have any question, please reach isefiping @


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