Sophie Meritet is Associate professor in Economicssince 2000 with HDR Habilitation à Encadrer des Recherches (postdoctoral degree authorizing the recipient to supervise doctoral students), and researcher member of CGEMP. Her Ph D thesis was supervised by Pr J-M. Chevalier, in collaboration with VIVENDI Group on “”the reconfiguration of the electric power industry in the United States: gas -electric utilities mergers". After her Ph. D in Economics, Sophie Méritet worked 2 years in Houston Texas, as energy economist at the French Consulate and lecturer at University of Houston (TX, USA).


At University Paris Dauphine, Sophie Meritet is co-Director of Principles of Microeconomics 1st and 2nd year (Licence 1 and Licence 2) and co-Director “Master 2 (129) Energy Finance Carbone “. She was elected member of Administration Council and Disciplinary Committee of Dauphine for 4 years, international coordinator for the USA-Canada-Australia for 10 years, and Director of Studies of a degree in Industrial Organization (2 years diploma, 60 students, 20 lecturers) for 8 years.


Sophie Méritet teaches microeconomics, industrial organization, antitrust, European economics and energy economics. She teaches also now at Sce Po Paris and manages continuing education seminars in different institutions and firms.  Responsible of a seminar at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC) for 5 years, she taught also at Ecole Nationale de l’Administration (ENA) in Strasbourg, American University in Paris and College of Europe in Bruges. Her teaching experience abroad includes for example as invited professor at University of Chicago and University of Michigan in the USA, as invited researcher at CIDE in Mexico city.


Invited to seminars (FGV in Rio de Janeiro, CEEM in Sydney…) and author of several articles, her researches are linked to the reorganization of energy markets, firms behaviors and the geopolitics of energy.


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